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Expédition Colissimo
Expédition Colissimo

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Thursday 09 August, 2007
 ElfiKDO wishes you Good Holidays!

We inform our customers that as from Friday August 10th, 5 p.m. and Friday August 17th, 9 a.m., our offices will be closed.

All the place orders Friday August 10th after 2 p.m., could be treated only as from Friday August 17th.

Forwardings of orders will be restored Friday August 17th afternoon. Thank you for your comprehension.

Monday 26 March, 2007
 Alarm at the time of the forwarding of your parcel.
Since last 19 March, ElfiKDO proposes a new service, completely free to all ElfiKDO customers: be alerted by mobil of the forwarding of your parcel.

Ideal for those which do not have access to their mail during the day!

To profit from this service, indicate at the time of the validation of your order, your number of portable in the box created for this purpose.

You will then receive an alarm indicating your number of parcel to you, to take delivery of as of the following days.
Tuesday 20 February, 2007
 The news already arrived!
As announced mid-December, we started to propose to you, on ElfiKdo, the innovations of this year 2007.

Discover them with the wire of your desires and your research in their respective headings (collection far-west, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Useful Lefèvre Collection, Chocolate Menier, etc).

Neswletters will be sent to you soon, to announce to you, officially, their arrival.

If you are not registered with our newsletters, not made yet quickly in order to be the first to discover the innovations of this first quarter 2007, but also the innovations to come throughout the year.
Thursday 28 December, 2006
 ElfiKDO and your parcels.
ElfiKDO recommends to their customers the greatest attention at the time of their ordering and in particular concerning information of delivery.

We still notice some anomalies (delays) at the time of the delivery of certain parcels by our person receiving benefits, Chronopost. However, they do not account for 1% of our forwardings.

These delays of delivery must with the fact that certain customers give incomplete addresses and do not judge useful to indicate certain details.
Think of the deliverymen who arrive at unknown addresses and which have only your indications to carry out an effective delivery.

Thus do not forget to indicate in more of your address, if it is necessary :
Name of your residence,
Your n° of entry of building,
building where you live (in the case of a residence),
Your code carries or intercom,
Your stage,
Your n° of door (or the side of the stage towards which it must move), etc.

We remind to you that the Chronopost deliveries is carried out in 24 h (for France - 48 h to 72 h for rest of the word). At the time of the departure of your parcel of our warehouses, you receive a mall informing you of his number in order to follow its routing on the site. The deliveryman will present himself the following day, of this mall, between 9 a.m. and 13 H, with the address of delivery which you indicated.
If you do not receive your parcel in the 24 hours, thanks for connecting you to the site in order to check the routing of your parcel.
Thursday 14 December, 2006
 ElfiKDO wishes you Happy of end of the year of the year
In 10 days now will be on December 24.

ElfiKDO and all the Elfi’s team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy end of the year.

We benefit from the occasion to announce you that at the beginning of February the new products of the year 2007 will arrive. We will make place in some weeks to accomodate the new products.

We cordially thank our customers who with the wire of the months, trusted us and without which ElfiKDO would not be. We make a point of thanking those which sent messages to us. It is thanks to you that we improve each day of advantage.

An innovation: ElfiKDO celebrates from now your birthday, a surprise will await you on your address email. Profit!

ElfiKDO wishes you a Happy New Year 2007 and hopes to see you soon.
Saturday 09 December, 2006
 ElfiKDO will set up a directory of the clubs of historical reconstitution
If you are a club of reconstitution histories, a club with goal to restore the history with a large H, webmaster of a forum related to the history, webmaster of a site recalling an epopee, etc… go on the directory page.

Like great number among you, ElfiKDO is impassioned for the history with a large H, and thus wishes to place at the disposal of its customers and visitors a directory of the clubs.
The creation of this directory have for goal to make known, the greatest number, the dates of the next reconstitutions and that anywhere in the world. But also to allow you to make known itself.

If it is not thus already done, visits the directory page, and registers you quickly.
For more information, contact us with
Friday 10 November, 2006
 Soon it's Xmas
A approach of Christmas, not to miss your purchases and made them as of today on ElfiKDO.
Choose on your premise, in all peace, and, the present for all your family among our two collections.

Choose among our innovations the KDO which will give pleasure.

Elfi selected for you:

Idea present : mural clocks, tin trays, hanger, covered Banania.

Idea Collection : Sabres 16th at the 20th century, rifflel of 18th at the 20th century, pistolets of fists of the 20th century.

For product out-stock, we will not be able to honour the orders placed after Tuesday December 19 and for a delivery, at the latest for Friday December 22.
Thursday 12 October, 2006
 Chronopost our new partner
In a concern of returning the routing of our products simpler and the delivery of our parcels increasingly more satisfactory for our customers, we come to change people receiving benefits of transport.

From now on Chronopost is partner of ElfiKDO.

A service forwarding which remains fixed at 24 hours for France,

Of the carriage costs which do not change for France and the Benelux countries:
7.5 euros for all orders lower than 50 euros,
6.5 euros for all orders between 50 and 100 euros, and
Free carriage costs for all orders higher than 100 euros;

A first presentation the following day of forwarding to the address of delivery,
One second presentation 48 H later, and
Deposit of your parcel near the post office nearest to your address.

Follow-up of the routing of parcels 24/24 H on the site
Or near the customer service to the 0825 801 801 (0.15 euros the min)

A single person receiving benefits whatever the country to deliver
Times increasingly and costs tighter for the rest of the world.
Thursday 20 July, 2006
 ElfiKDO? It is not Wizard !
We provided for the emission of television "It is not wizard"", diffused on France 3 in France, on RTBF the 2 (Belgium) and TV5 (Canada) of the counterparts of weapons. This next emission will carry on the topic "the fortifications of Vauban" and will be diffused at the end of 2006 or at the beginning of 2007.

We will not fail to inform you of the exact date of diffusion, then you gratifier of photographs and vidéos that the team of "It is not wizard" will provide us!

You can however connect you on the official site to consult the diary of programming in order not to not miss a crumb by it! Come many to discuss and deliver your opinion on this emission on our blog, which you are fan of this emission, in general or more particularly on the topic "of the fortifications of Vauban".
Wednesday 12 July, 2006
 Elfikdo partner of the Festival of Aix
Elfikdo partner of the festival of Aix Elfi was contacted by the festival of Aix, concerning the scraping-knives of hunting, reference: ATDGCSS385.
These scraping-knives are used in the opera "the Italian in Algiers" which is currently programmed with the Festival of Aix. This opera will in addition be diffused on Arte Monday July 17 at 21. 30.

"Italian in Algiers"
By Cioachino Rossini (1792 - 1868).
Created on May 22, 1813 with the Theatre San Benedetto in Venice.
Drama in two acts.
Opera in Italian, subtitled in French.

Diffused on Arte Monday July 17 at 21. 30, on live.

The festival of Aix is held since Sunday July 2 and will be completed saturdays July 22. For more information on the program of the Festival, the site is at your disposal.

Deliver your opinion on the blog of Elfi.
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